Reyah Sunshine Farm is a family homestead operating on 3.5 acres in the Chimayo valley of northern New Mexico. We are situated on the Santa Cruz river about 1 quarter mile downstream from the Santuario de Chimayo. We are lucky to be a part of an incredible Acequia that provides us with clean water to irrigate our orchard and our gardens. We very happy to not have any cities upstream from us, which makes for very clean water.

We look forward to growing our capacity to provide natural food to our local community!

I deciding several years back that I wanted a healthier and more natural way life for myself and my family. I wanted to live in the natural rhythm of the days and the seasons. I wanted my daughter to have the opportunity to run free by the river and arroyos as I did when I was young. I wanted to provide my family and community with healthy natural food free of toxic chemicals. And after running an IT consulting business based out of Santa Fe for almost 15 years, I was finally able to transition to the homesteading life I desired.

In October 2017 I moved with my family to our new property in Chimayo. Since then we have put in work cleaning ditches, caring for the orchard, getting our gardens and hoop houses established, obtaining the farm equipment and seed we need. We have also setup a beehive, wash station, walk in cooler, yurt (for guests), a chicken coop for our 40+ hens and a goat barn for our 4 milking goats.

Our first planting was done in our hoop houses in November 2018. We have been bringing our fruit, vegetables and eggs to the Santa Fe Farmers Market since February 2019. This has been a great way for us to share the food we love with our community.

We believe in natural food for healthy living. We currently only use organic products and we are working to obtain our USDA Organic certification.

We look forward to growing our capacity to provide natural food to our local community!

— Asher Singer